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Aero Yachts Services is the leading provider for Cabin Refurbishment, Cabin Maintenance and Aircraft Appearance solutions in the MENA region.
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Elite Partners For Elite Solutions

Who We Work With

At AYS, we started with a mission to bring aircraft interior repair and refurbishment services to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  The initial challenge was in developing the highest levels of capability in each area of interior construction such as cabinetry, wood veneer and finishing, carpets, upholstery and leather goods as well a hard finishes and metal plating.  After several years of trying to develop these skills, we realised that the best way to bring our customers the best products, services and techniques is to establish partnerships with the leading international suppliers in each of these areas.


AYS has developed partnerships and created exclusive relationships with some of the best suppliers to the industry and we have brought these services to the Gulf Region to provide operators here with a local solution for Total Aircraft Care as well as Aircraft Cabin Maintenance and Refurbishment.

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Aero Yachts Services researched potential suppliers and partners in the area of aircraft carpet fabrication and came upon a company that is a leader in aircraft carpet production and that also offers a very unique and innovative decorative treatment called Deconel® for cabin sidewalls, bulkheads and other large surfaces.  Kalogridis is amongst the most prestigious carpet manufacturers in the aviation marketplace.  They can provide products to meet every need from basic machine-made carpet for airlines to the highest quality hand-tufted carpets in wool and silk.  Their Deconel® Products are truly revolutionary and provide unlimited design options for cabin sidewalls and bulkheads.


In 1976, George Kalogridis founded Kalogridis International. He was determined to present the aircraft industry with a product that was superior in quality and served the purposes of both art and functionality. It took years of research and development before finally reaching the perfect combination of techniques to create the Kalogridis product. A self-starter, George’s company has grown over the years to become one of the world’s premier suppliers in carpet and Deconel® for aircraft and yachts.

Through one of our refurbishment projects, we had an opportunity to work with Techno Coatings to strip and re-surface custom Gold Plating on a large cabin VVIP Aircraft.  During this effort, we visited the company and learned about their shared passion for excellence as well as numerous other advanced technologies and processes that they have developed for creating unique “hard surface” finish designs.


The company was founded in 1981 by Saul Camargo providing electroplating services. He named it Techno Coatings, setting the stage to expand beyond plating in future years. Saul combined chemistry and artistic creativity to develop innovative gold alloys and plating colors never before seen in aircraft interiors. After the acquisition of other companies and the expansion of their products and services, the company name was updated to Techno Aerospace.

With over 35 years of service, the Techno Aerospace brand has grown to become the premier name in electroplating services for the aviation industry.

Alsalam is the premier MRO facility in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a comprehensively equipped facility and extensive capabilities and regulatory approvals.  Alsalam is certified to service all of the major aircraft types including Boeing, Airbus, Gulfstream and many others.  Their primary facilities are located at the King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Established in 1988, Alsalam is a joint venture under the Kingdom’s offset program. Initiated in order for the Kingdom to be self-sufficient in commercial and military aircraft maintenance, overhaul and modifications through technology transfer and the development of Saudi nationals.


Aero Yachts Services has had the privilege of working within the Alsalam facility through partnership efforts on several VIP aircraft projects.  Alsalam has hosted AYS as a strategic partner in efforts that included major cabin interior refurbishment on head-of state large-cabin interior projects.  We will continue to look to Alsalam Aerospace Industries to support our interior refurbishment efforts and will provide their customers with our unique service offerings directly from their extensive hangar facility in Riyadh.

Aero Yachts Services could not provide full-service solutions for Aircraft Interior Design and Refurbishment without considering every last detail.  Previous industry associations led us directly to Dahlgren Duck to provide the finishing touch to our projects through interior amenities and luxury products including china, crystal, flatware and linens.


For the past 30 years, Dahlgren Duck & Associates has provided bespoke and leading luxury brands of china, crystal, flatware, linens and more to private aircrafts, yachts, palaces, destination clubs and 5-Star hotels. As a partner in the lifestyle of luxury, DDA offers not only the finest amenities, but also industry experts, artisans and project consultants to perfectly fulfill a need and enhance an overall vision.


Since DDA’s founding in 1983 by Jim Dahlgren and Allan Duck, the team has grown to an international business with hundreds of clients and dozens of vendor partners stretching across the globe. The five unique divisions of the company – Bespoke Design, Private Aviation + Yachting, Residential, Furniture, and Hospitality – encompass the breadth of our expertise in the most lavish spaces around the world.

There are a few suppliers in the category of Fine Leather, but none with the shared vision that includes Total Aircraft Care in the sense of Perrone Aerospace.  Perrone is one of the highest regarded suppliers of fine leather and Alcantara material in the industry.  Like AYS, they also look beyond the initial sale of products and have created some of the finest products available for cleaning, care and protection.  We knew when we met the owners and staff at Perrone Aerospace that our companies were a match.


With a tradition of excellence stretching back more than 100 years, Perrone Leather was founded in Gloversville, New York, the hub of the American leather-making industry in the 1900’s. After three generations of leather crafting and a full century of history, Perrone Leather partnered with the Avery family to form Perrone Aerospace.  The diverse company now supplies seating and interior leather and textiles, along with skilled repair and cleaning services to a large percentage of commercial and general aviation interests worldwide.

Providing Aircraft Cabin Maintenance and Refurbishment services dictated that AYS needed to align with a quality aircraft seating supplier.  Nothing but the best.  Aero Yachts Services looks to Rockwell Collins to provide us with the necessary seating solutions to meet the needs of our select customers.


With Rockwell Collins’ acquisition of B/E Aerospace in April 2017, they are now a world leader in designing, developing and manufacturing cabin interior products and services that deliver innovation, reliability and efficiency.  Rockwell Collins broad range of offerings include aircraft cabin seating, lighting and engineering solutions, oxygen systems, food and beverage preparation and storage equipment, galley systems, water and waste systems, and advanced lavatory systems.

The many years of experience acquired by the leadership at Aero Yachts Services provided keen insight into the importance of a strong partner in the areas of engineering and certification.  We know that the business of aircraft interior modifications and updates is filled with regulatory requirements, testing and certification.  Our research led us to a company with much more to offer through their Components Solutions group, Aero Staff Services, Line Maintenance and Modification Center capacity.  STS Engineering is not only an engineering solution, they provide AYS with resources that encompass every aspect of our operation.


The STS Engineering Solutions’ Management Team has advanced degrees, FAA Airframe & Powerplant Certificates and decades of aircraft maintenance experience in both MRO’s and OEM’s.  STS Engineering Solutions’ Senior Vice President of Engineering has worked as an aerospace engineer for more than 30 years; first with the manufacturer of the world’s premiere commercial jetliner then as a structures’ DER directing the engineering department of an international airline.  Unbeatable know-how, unmatched work ethic and wealth of experience is exactly how we provide the aerospace industry with enormous cost-saving engineering solutions.

Some decisions are easy.  Wood veneer may be seen by many as a basic ingredient that has been around and unchanged for decades.  When Aero Yachts Services discovered that Hi Tech Veneer dominates the aircraft market and is one of the only suppliers that has continued to create new solutions for old problems, we know they would be our choice.


Established in 1998 as a high end flexible sheet veneer manufacturer, Hi Tech Veneer has long been recognized for the superior quality of its product. Acquired in January 2006 by JDC Veneers, Hi Tech Veneer underwent an exciting expansion that transformed the company into a leader in the Architectural Plywood and Aircraft sheet veneer market.


The formula was simple: Retain quality employees, arm them with state of the art equipment and always remain focused on exceeding our customers’ expectations. With more than $5 Million invested in new equipment, computers and cutting-edge software, ownership has put their money where their mouth is when it comes to executing this formula. Given this combination of quality employees, state of the art equipment and an absolute commitment to customer service, it is easy to understand why Hi Tech Veneer is “facing the future with confidence.”