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Aero Yachts Services is the leading provider for Cabin Refurbishment, Cabin Maintenance and Aircraft Appearance solutions in the MENA region.
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Aircraft Cabin Decorative Finishes

Aero Yachts Services offers traditional metal plated finishes for hardware, decorative trim and fixtures throughout your aircraft.  We can apply metal plating to new hardware and we can also strip and re-finish existing pieces.  Finishes are offered in all of the traditional metal types and textures include Polished, Brushed and Matte surfaces.AYS has created a close relationship with Techno Aerospace offering the latest in finish applications on hard surfaces.  Techno Aerospace has developed specialized coatings and state-of-the-art substrates that combine traditional furniture, bulkhead, door and other “structural” components with their Styllos® unique “metalized” finish materials.  These modern finishes allow us to dramatically change the appearance of your interior cabin. We can also offer an almost limitless variety of hydro-graphic finishes to change the appearance of existing structures. 

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October 30, 2017


Aircraft Cabin Maintenance & Refurbishment